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  • Who is Cash Go?
    Cash Go is a money exchange company and mainly provides the services that are related to money exchange
  • What are the services that Cash Go provides?
    Services provided by Cash Go are as follows: Remittance Services Peer-to-Peer Transfer Money Exchange from Malaysia to other countries.
  • How can I use your money exchange platform?
    You will need to have an account in order to use our service platform. Please click this link to register your account:
  • What currencies can I exchange on your platform?
    All currencies are allowed to be exchanged in the Cash Go platform
  • How can I contact your customer support team?
    You can reach out to our live customer support team through the Chat Button at the bottom of the page. We are here to assist you with any questions or issues you may have.
  • What are your customer support hours?
    Our customer support is available during our regular business hours (10.00 am - 10.00 pm). But you still can find out the answers in our FAQ section .
  • Where can I get the referral code from?
    You can get the referral code from our website (CG029) or you can also head to our register page for easy sign up.
  • If I don't have the referral code, is that still allowed to register as a Cash Go user?
    A referral code is a must for a user that wants to register as a Cash Go user. If you don't have the referral code then you are not allowed to register an account. Our referral code is "CG029", or you may also head to our register page to register a new account.
  • What can I do if I forget my secure pin and security question or if I repeatedly entered incorrect details?
    You are allowed to reset your secure pin and security question in the "My Profile" screen. But if you repeatedly enter an incorrect secure pin or security question over 3 times, your account will be blocked for 24 hours. You may find our customer support to reactivate your account otherwise you need to wait for 24 hours for the account to be reactivated.
  • If my phone number has changed, may I update my new phone number?
    Yes, you are allowed to update your new phone number to your new registered phone number.
  • What is the verification process?
    The verification process refers to a series of steps or procedures used to confirm the accuracy, authenticity, or eligibility of certain information, documents, or individuals. In Cash Go, the verification process is used to identify an individual's identity for the registered user.
  • What document needs to be uploaded for identity verification?
    For Malaysians - Need to upload the front of the Identify Card and holding the Identify Card image. For Foreigners - Need to upload either an Identify Card or Passport or any relevant supported documents.
  • How long does the verification process take?
    Normally the process will be completed within 24 hours.
  • If my account is undergoing a verification process, may I perform any transaction action?
    Yes, but will have a limitation for your transactions.
  • May I create any transaction orders if my account is not verified?
    Yes, but will have a limitation for your transactions.
  • What is the usage for the wallet?
    The usage of a wallet in Cash Go is for: Create send money order Doing Peer-to-Peer transfer
  • How long does it take to complete a transaction process?
    Normally it will take 2 - 3 business days to complete a transaction process.
  • Are there any hidden fees for the transactions?
    No, all the charging fees are stated in your transaction.
  • How to check the order's status?
    You may check the order's status in the Track Transfer screen by using the tracking number but only can check for sending money orders. For other types of orders, you need to sign in to your account for tracking.
  • How much money can I send from Malaysia?
    There are no limitations for you to send money out of Malaysia, as long as you have enough wallet balance for you to do these transactions. Another thing needs to be concerned is your account must be verified by Cash Go otherwise you will have limitations for your transactions.
  • What type of the mobile wallet can be used in Send Money Order
    Our platform provides 3 types of mobile wallets, which are : bKash Rocket Nagad
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